Foto: Camilla Damgård / Aulestad

BJØRNSON – like a king he was taken to his grave

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson – author, peace- and human rights activist – died in Paris 26 April 1910.

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An adventurous life had come to an end

Bjørnson’s grand journey home started at sunrise from Gare du Nord. Part of a train coach was furnished as a mourning chapel.

The Norwegian artist colony in Paris came to give Bjørnson their last respect – among these were the painters Jean Heiberg, Anders Castus Svarstad and Henrik Sørensen.

Minister Frits Wedel-Jarlsberg held a speech, and wreaths were placed on the coffin.

The journey back home

First by train via Copenhagen where hundreds had gathered in the streets to say their goodbyes. At the dock the warship Norway waited.  

Back in Norway Bjørnson was greeted with the Royal Mourning Salute from both Oscarsborg and Akershus fortresses, and  King Haakon welcomed the ship at the dock in Kristiania. 

The mourning procession wandered slowly through Kristiania (Oslo). Spruce garlands adorned the route.

75,000 people filled the streets. Grand Hotel and many other buildings along the way were decorated with spruce twigs, and 2000 school children with flags sung «Ja vi elsker» at the Cemetery of our savior.

Bjørnstjernes funeral in Trefoldighetskirken, Oslo.

Bjørnstjernes begravelse i Trefoldighetskirken, Oslo.

Foto: Anders Beer Wilse.


As a king Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson was led to the grave.