Tegning av Aulestad, ca 1890
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The history of Aulestad

The Bjørnson family bought the farm Aulestad in Gausdal in 1875, while they were living in Italy.

Some years earlier the family had visited Aulestad, during a visit to friends at the Folk High School in Follebu.

There were several reasons for this purchase. One reason was that during this time Bjørnson was very preoccupied by Grundtvig and the Folk High School, and he also wanted to be close to his friends Christoffer Brun and Kristoffer Janson who had founded the Folk High School Vonheim in the neighbourhood.

Another reason was that the author of the farm tales wanted to own a farm in the country, cultivate it and live amongst farmers. He was convinced that the new national feeling and understanding had to emanate from them, and he looked upon farmers and peasants as the real link to the heroes of time of the sagas.