Erling Bjørnson sitter på høyriva i 1889. Vi ser at stallen nedenfor drengestua ennå ligger på sin vante plass. 


Den engelske komponisten Delius på besøk på Aulestad i 1891. Fra venstre: Anna Finsen, Dagny Sautreau, Mia Hedlund, Frederick Delius og Nulle Finsen.

THE 1890s

Karoline’s large and embracing veranda was completed during Bjørnsons’s stay in America in the winter of 1880-81. The coach house was completed in the spring of 1881. Drengestua (the farmhands’ cottage) has also been altered. The photograph must have been taken after 1889 as the extension of the veranda was completed that year. The photograph must have been taken prior to 1899/1900 as the protruding roof was altered during that year. The stable below Drengestua is also present, but this was dismantled and moved after 1901/02.

Bjørnson wanted to make Aulestad into a model farm and succeeded  little by little. But the farm was not just for work. It should also look good and be a comfortable place for the residents and visitors.