Kjøkkenet var et stort, typisk landsens kjøkken med spisebord og benker. Foto: Jan Haug / Aulestad

De store kjelene forteller at det var mange munner å mette på Aulestad. Foto: Jan Haug / Aulestad

Husketavle for innkjøp av råvarer. 

The Kitchen

Bjørnson always thanked the cook and the serving girls for good food and service. The large kitchen had modern fittings for its time, including pots and crockery fit for any occasion. The chocolate pot for the children for 17 May held 50 litres, and the coffee pot size was varied depending on the number of guests.

Many meals might be served during a day. Firstly breakfast. Followed by a light meal, lunch, afternoon coffee with titbits and supper. Simple, solid and good food was served daily. The family adapted to the food and eating habits of the place, in consideration of the people working there. Watery gruel was served daily as well as flat bread and cured ham.