Foto: Jan Haug

På Aulestad pyntes det fremdeles med friske blomster fra hagen.

The Living Room

The dark timber panelled house at Aulestad became light and airy under Karoline’s firm direction. Greatly inspired by their travels, she created a welcoming urban home in the country filled with art and gifts from near and far.

The furniture for the seating area was purchased at a second hand market in Paris. They could not afford to buy anything new. The furniture had loose covers in the colour of the time, burgundy. The furniture of the time had to be bottle green, burgundy or brown. These were colours that gave warmth and atmosphere, something very important in the time of the bourgeoisie. Across the backs of the chairs hung small, white, embroidered pieces of material, so-called antimacassar, to protect against the oil used in men’s hair.