Photo: Veslemøy Furuseth / Aulestad

A Mighty Rumble - an exhibition on Bjørnson

Every day during summerseason and weekends in September

All day

«A Mighty Rumble» is a new and colourful exhibition on Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson’s life and literary works. Visit the exhibition inside the grand barn at the top of the birch avenue at Aulestad.

One of Europe’s greatest celebrities

The exhibition reflects Bjørnson’s colorful life and personality. Through his fight for the less fortunate he became one of Europe’s greatest celebrities, and his home at Aulestad became the center of the events.

The Nobel Prize medal

The exhibition reveals treasures such as awards, jewelry, bridal shoes, bridal veil, a traveller’s bag, a hat box, top hat and a night hat. Even a real Nobel Prize medal! 

Experience the strong involvement

The golden thread through the exhibition is Bjørnson’s own words and poetry. From when he was 15 years old Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson expressed his thoughts and opinions through newspaper articles and speeches, novels and plays. He did not shy away from debate and he had a strong sense of fairness. Even today he continues to challenge us, and he never goes out of style.