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Photo: Ann Kristin Eggen / Aulestad

A pearly exhibition

Every day in summer season and weekends in September

All day

In Drengestua at Aulestad you will find beautiful illustrations by Jakob Weidemann. 

”I choose Bjørnson”,  Jakob Weidemann answered in 1970 when the publisher Gyldendal Norske Forlag challenged him to make illustrations from Norwegian literature.  

The shape of a pearl

Weidemann's illustrations got ther shape of the pearl, inspired by the poem starting with "Take these pearls! – and be grateful for them!" written by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.

The exhibition

The foundation Ringsveen, Jakob Weidemann's home at Lillehammer, has given the original illustrations to Aulestad. They are to be seen on the walls inside Drengestua café. 

Illustrasjon av Jacob Weideman.

Foto: Ann Kristin Eggen / Aulestad