Photo: Aulestad

The Aulestad Walk

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The Aulestad walk is a cultural path running through the cultural landscape around Aulestad and the farm Bø in Follebu. Choose between a 2 or 4 km walk.


The walk starts at the parking lot and runs through the beautiful agricultural landscape around Aulestad.  Experience the wonderful view of the western part of Gausdal and southwards to Lillehammer.


Throughout the walk you will find several information boards where you can read more about the cultural heritage, forestry, agriculture, the cultural landscape and the farms that you are passing along the walk.

The walk leads you up to the heights and towards the farm Bø, before it goes on towards the main road RV255. You can now decide whether to take the short walk to the parking lot again, or go for the longer version, crossing the main road and follow the path down to the river. Continue the walk on the lower side of the farm Aulestad and back up to the parking lot.


The museum is located next to the  RV255.  Just below  RV255 you will find the farm Aulestad, that is run by the family Bjørnson – ancestors from the poet Bjørnson.